That's how we started, and that's how we'll stay.

Thomas R. Pyle

When Thomas Pyle opened Pyle Meat Company in 1959, he committed to bringing high-quality, authentic meat products to the "Salt of the Earth" people of Eudora, KS.

This commitment, paired with the excellent flavor of Hombre Beef Jerky, has brought a lean, healthy snack option to jerky lovers from the KC Metro to Topeka, KS for over 40 years.

Now, as we continue to grow the Hombre brand throughout the Heartland and through shipments across the country, we fully intend to continue that commitment and trend set forth by our Grandfather, Thomas.

High-quality, premium meat snack products - How we started, and how we'll stay.

Premium, Small-Batch Jerky

Award-Winning Beef Jerky

Back-to-Back Grand Champion Jerky

Kansas Meat Processor's Association (KMPA)

Hombre Up!

Real, Authentic Jerky - The way it was meant to be!

5/5 Star Rating -

"These Jerky Sticks from Hombre Beef Jerky offer a more masculine meat snacking experience through its bold flavor and meaty handling. I love the slightly more natural meat flavor I get from this compared to the company's beef jerky slabs, and I love the more meaty, steak-like chewing. Otherwise, it's still largely the same flavor as their slab-style jerky, and still on the salty side. But then again, this is not meant to be the sugary, fruity varieties you find in other jerky brands. This is for "hombres" who want a man's jerky!"

10/10 Rating -

Wow Mark said, “this jerky is tasty and addictive leaving you wanting more. This is how good old fashioned jerky should be.”

Paul also said: “My …oh my! I am blown away by this jerky flavor; this jerky is melting in my mouth and soothing my taste buds. Every bite I take almost equates to sinking the 8-ball on a very loooong shot!”

We wholeheartedly agree and highly recommend this highly addictive Hombre Beef Jerky Original Beef Jerky Sticks to even the slightest beef jerky fan.

We enthusiastically award this great jerky a memorable and Excellent 10/10 taste rating with two thumbs up … way up and to whomever may disagree …this is a simple fact of life, Jack, Cheers!

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