Top 7 Beef Jerky Recipes




Ok Hombre fans, we all know that beef jerky is a classic snack. It's easy to eat on the go and our old-school jerky tastes delicious on its own. However, did you know that you can easily enhance some simple recipes with the flavor of our real beef jerky?

Hombre Beef Jerky is Award-Winning, Premium Beef Jerky. It is high in protein with low carbs and also has zero grams of sugar per serving. Adding our jerky to any recipe would absolutely pack a bold punch, but we have curated here the top 7 recipes that we could find using beef jerky as the star. Thought there was only one way to enjoy beef jerky? Keep reading and be prepared to be amazed.

From simple meals to exotic recipes, beef jerky can be the perfect way to add protein and elevate breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Let's start with breakfast. Who doesn't enjoy a classic plate of biscuits and gravy? Let's Hombre Up this simple meal with the bold flavor of our jerky! 



    "Said to be one of the “best breakfasts a cowboy ever ate” biscuits with jerky gravy will stick to your gut, for sure." This recipe was found at Jabberwocky Stew and is probably one of the simplest recipes on this list. Our hearty jerky will compliment this dish and get the most important meal of the day started off right. Plus you are getting tons of protein per serving.

    Find the full recipe here.

    Jerky Bonus* If biscuits and gravy aren’t really your thing, another way you could Hombre Up your breakfast is to dice up our real, old school jerky and add it to some eggs, creating a beef jerky omelet. Throw in some cheese, onions, and a handful of jerky and you can’t go wrong. 

    While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is just as important to keep ourselves sustained throughout the day. Let’s see what we are cooking up for lunch.



      Rick Bayless is the genius behind this Mexican spin on traditional beef jerky. Using ingredients like poblano chiles and ripe tomatoes, this recipe really packs a punch and pairs perfectly with the Hombre Beef Jerky.

      This recipe teaches us a new way to cook the jerky, as you’ll need to shred it in the oven! According to the recipe, you’ll “lay the jerky on a baking sheet and set under a heated broiler. In 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the thickness and dryness of the jerky, the fat will bubble on the top and the edges will be lightly browned and crispy. Cool the meat, then tear into thin shreds”.

      Click here to find the full recipe. 

      You’ll definitely want to try this recipe as is, because let’s be honest, you can’t really mess up a burrito. But now that you’ve nailed your jerky shredding technique, the possibilities are endless!

      Jerky Bonus* For another idea using shredded jerky, you’ll want to toss the jerky in a bowl with barbecue sauce to make a jerky-style pulled pork sandwich. Top with pickles to get the perfect salty bite.



      Moving our flavor profile a little north, we'll whip up an appetizing jerky chili created with daring flavors from the southwest. 

      Chili is a staple in an hombre’s menu. From classic, spicy to even white bean chili, the possibilities are endless with this satisfying dish. You’ve seen chili recipes using ground beef, turkey and even shredded chicken, but have you ever thought of using beef jerky?

      Our jerky will pair well with the cumin and cilantro, while the chipotle peppers will give it that spicy kick it needs.

      Follow this straight forward recipe as listed here, or to make it even easier, throw all the ingredients in to a slow cooker on high for 4 hours. 


      Alright, now it's time to ring the dinner bell and see what savory meals we can cook up for the last meal of the day.



        This recipe has the best bang for your buck and puts a spin on a classic dinner time meal. Our Hombre Beef Jerky will not only thicken your sauce but also give it that meaty flavor that every spaghetti needs.

        Just like the chili recipe from above, replacing the typical ground beef with our beef jerky is an easy way to change up this simple dish. 

        Check out full recipe over at Game and Fish Magazine.


        You've heard of Beef and Broccoli, a staple at any Chinese restaurant, but we put an Hombre spin on it and added beef jerky instead!

          It's super simple to create this meal using any beef and broccoli recipe, just replace the beef with a 15 oz package of our regular beef jerky and enjoy!

          Once this dish is cooked, you won’t even be able to tell that you altered the recipe with our beef jerky by the looks of it. But once you take a bite of this delicious meal, your taste buds will thank you for that tangy bite.

          Following the Keto Diet?  If so, this recipe may be a great candidate for those seeking ketosis.

          Here's our favorite beef and broccoli recipe for you to follow.


          Sticking with those Asian flavors, it's time to explode your taste buds with an aromatic curry fried rice. Of course we will spice it up with our real beef jerky. This savory combination will be sure to score major mouth feels while being hearty and filling all at the same time. 

          Check out that recipe here

          Need the perfect side item for any meal? 


            If you have ever tried brussels sprouts with bacon, then you will be sure to love roasting your brussels sprouts with our old school beef jerky.

            Plus, you are sure to get even more protein when using our beef jerky, which is always an added bonus.

            Check out the recipe here. If you are a fan of sweet with your savory, then drizzle your favorite maple syrup over this dish when its fresh out of the oven, you will not be disappointed!

            This recipe is another great candidate for all of you ketogenic diet followers out there!  The olive oil should cover the fat part, but maybe cook it in some Ghee butter as well, to make sure you stay in ketosis.


            Jerky Bonus*

            If these recipes are too challenging, or you are just looking for a quick meal to whip up, try this beans with beef jerky recipe. This is a classic cowboy meal, and can be prepped and cooked in under 15 minutes.

            The recipe found here also makes 10 servings, so it is the perfect meal to make for barbecues or football parties.

            Are you looking for even more ways to use our beef jerky in traditional Latin dishes? Check out this Charquican recipe. According to Cheatsheat, “Charquican is a Chilean stew traditionally made with ch’arki, a kind of South American jerky.” Your local market running low on its supply of ch’arki? No worries, just use our old-school Hombre Beef Jerky! It will blend beautifully with these traditional Chilean flavors, and will take your taste buds on a delicious savory ride.

            Were you as impressed with our new found skill of shredding the beef jerky? Yeah, us too! We would be willing to bet that you are a fan of sloppy joes too, because who isn’t? Hearty, messy and paired with a good coleslaw, what better way to enjoy beef jerky?

            Check out this recipe for sloppy joes. It is super simple, and delicious too. Replace the ground beef in this recipe with our 15 oz package of beef jerky, shredded using the same steps from the burrito recipe above.

            So that’s it friends. Try any of these recipes on their own, or use it to build a jerky-filled meal plan, either way you will not be disappointed with the results. Our craft style beef jerky comes in regular cut or sticks, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for any of these recipes.

            Head here to shop our collections and place your order for our Hombre Beef Jerky or Hombre Beef Jerky Sticks. Can’t wait for shipping? Check out our store locator to see if we are sold in a story near you.

            Now it’s time for you to hit the kitchen and get to cooking. Tell us which recipe you are most excited to try in the comments. Or do you have another epic beef jerky recipe that we need to try? Share your recipes below!

            Have you recreated one of these meals? Don’t forget to take a picture of your masterpiece and tag us!

            Speaking of social media, follow us on Instagram @hombrebeefjerky, Twitter @HombreBeefJerky, and find us on Facebook at

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